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How has Malcolm Brogdon transformed the Boston Celtics offense?

Before Dak Prescott and his teammates take the field Sunday at 8:20 PM ET on NBC, there will be numerous player prop bets ...
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Heat of passion: Cain Velasquez attorney explains why preliminary hearing judges' reactions could be encouraging sign to defense

Al Horford and the Boston Celtics will face the Miami Heat at 7:30 PM ET on Friday. With prop bets available for Horford in ...
Celtics Wire | 1 hour ago
Steelers vs Falcons: 3 reasons Pittsburgh wins this weekend

Player prop betting options will be available for Derek Carr ahead of Sunday’s NFL action at 4:25 PM ET live on CBS. Carr’s ...
Raiders Wire | 6 minutes ago
Dak Prescott player props odds, tips and betting trends for Week 13 | Cowboys vs. Colts

On this day in Boston Celtics history, big man Jason Paul Collins was born in Los Angeles, California back in 1978. Collins ...
Celtics Wire | 51 minutes ago
Kansas State Wildcats vs. Wichita State Shockers live stream, TV channel, start time, odds

Here are the key numbers you need to know about Mike Gesicki and his player prop bet options. He’ll take the field Sunday ...
Dolphins Wire | 17 minutes ago
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